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Yoga.... In Sanskrit yoga means to unite.  Uniting the body, mind and spirit through practice of physical postures and proper breathing.

Yoga is an ancient practice, stemming back more than 5,000 years.

Yoga is for everyone.  Regardless of age, physical limitations or level of fitness, yoga can benefit any person. With the growing popularity of yoga, it has become unaffordable for most people to attend regular classes.  Our studio is located in downtown Whitby, at the four corners, in the beautiful Historic Toronto Dominion Building on the southeast corner, 101 Brock St S, 3rd Floor, downtown Whitby and the heart of the Durham Region. At Fountain of Youth Yoga we keep yoga affordable as we believe that that the benefits of yoga should be available to everyone.

All our classes are $12 each. This price is for all classes we offer, Gentle, Core, Hatha, Ashtanga, Prental Yoga Mom & Baby Classes, Fitness oriented classes such as YogaFit and Sculpting classes.

We also offer 10-20 class passes, monthly passes and annual passes.  In this way we can share our passion for yoga with you, making it affordable to continue with this beneficial practice.

We all begin yoga with different intentions.  Perhaps you are looking to:

  • lose weight
  • look at life more positively
  • learn to love yourself
  • reduce stress
  • restore health
  • increase muscle tone
  • increase flexibility and balance
  • find clarity in your mind and thoughts
  • improve circulation
  • reduce fatigue
  • develop a positive approach to life
  • get out and try something different!

With continued practice you will feel the full benefits of yoga, realizing how it benefits you in ways you would never have thought.  It is on the mat that you will discover your true self for it is only you on the mat.  No competition.  Just you.  You will amaze yourself with your abilities as they grow.  Yoga is the first step on a journey towards a happier, healthier, more relaxed you.  Come, let me be your guide...


We also offer private yoga lessons at the studio.

There is quite a difference in the styles of yoga taught from studio to studio.  We offer such a wide variety of classes that there is a class for everyone.  All classes are focused on reducing stress, anxiety and focusing on the principle that you can heal your own body through yoga.  Some classes are taught to candlelight, thus lowering cortisol levels (and stress) and providing a veil of comfort for those who are self concious while offering a warm, inviting, intimate experience for everyone.  Fountain of Youth Yoga in Whitby will amaze you with the comfort level provided and the respect with which you are treated.  You will impress yourself with your abilities and the progress that dedication will provide.  Fountain of Youth Yoga Whitby offers classes for everyone at an affordable price. 

Contact us at info@yogafountainofyouth.com or call 905-925-0526

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